Professor Dr. Jochen Strähle is a well-known speaker on conferences, congresses, and company events. Whenever you are looking for a fast, efficient, informative, and enjoyable presentation, then Prof. Strähle could well fit for your event. As he is considered as one of the key-influencers in the fashion retail industry, he is also invited for informal company events. He is a highly requested expert for fashion business magazines, tv and radio documentaries, and daily business press.

His customers include the household names in the fashion retail industry, as well as small- and medium sized companies, and of course, academic institutions around the world.

Exemplary Topics in the past have been:

  • Sustainability in Fashion Retail
  • Cross-Channel Communication
  • Online-Business Strategy
  • Business Opportunities in the Fashion Industry
  • Strategic Fashion Marketing Plans
  • Cooperative Strategies
  • Green Supply Chain and its Communication
  • Fashion Online Business Strategies
  • Online Neuromarketing
  • Personal- Finden und Binden